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    @thenickbham @joeyrudeashell #redharpafterparty #slossfest
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Peace. Love. End Violence
    #taylorhollingsworthcowabungaband @rossdawg_yhc @hotboxbhm @yellowhammer_creative Peace. Love. End Violence
  • This sat at @syndicatelounge w @whstewart and @patricksweany  @deadfingersband @rossdawg_yhc @ronnielips
    This sat at @syndicatelounge w @whstewart and @patricksweany @deadfingersband @rossdawg_yhc @ronnielips
Country Western Bio:

The name "Taylor Hollingsworth Country Western", should really be thought of as Taylor Hollingsworth + Country Western rather than Taylor Hollingsworth playing Country Western Music. Named for the beat that carries all the songs they play, "The Train Beat", (Made famous by Country Singers such as Johnny Cash), Taylor and drummer leave the drum sticks and the guitar picks on the playground and take their electric finger picking jams to the hill country juke joint, only this juke might be in another galaxy. The duo has been entertaining crowds of all ages, shapes, and sizes throughout the southeast.